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Peristaltic Pumps

Bimetron offers a variety of peristaltic pump options to meet all your fluid transfer needs from the simplest applications to the most advanced industrial manufacturing lines.

Peristaltik Pompa

Bimetron peristaltic pumps have been developed to be used for transferring and/or dispensing of sterile, corrosive, harmful etc. liquids with high-precision and reliability.

Our peristaltic pumps are used in many different sectors such as lab & research, medicine, food, biotechnology, water & waste water, automotive, and glass across the globe. All our products are completely designed and produced by our company.

As a company that develops its own technology, we provide our customers products with quality, precision, stability, reliability as well as prompt pre / post-sales technical support and low-cost advantage.


Peristaltik Pompalar

Analogue Peristaltic Pumps

For applications that do not require precision

Peristaltik Pompa

Basic Type Peristaltic Pumps

For semi-precision applications

Peristaltik Pompa

Flow Rate Type Peristaltic Pumps

For transfer applications that require high flow rate precision

Peristaltik Pompa

Dispensing Type Peristaltic Pumps

For batch dispensing and filling applications that require high-precision

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