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Peristaltik Pompa

Dispensing Type Peristaltic Pumps

The dispensing type peristaltic pumps are specially designed for high-precise batch dispensing and  filling  for different industrial applications such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, cosmetics or automotive.


Simple setting of dosing number, pause interval and dosing speed.

Thanks to simple device user interface, easy-to-control capabilities include programmable dispensing by target volume, flow rate, filling time/total operation time, filling/dosing number  or number of copies with a pause interval (a programmable delay between filling cycles) for convenient, automated dispensing.

Two calibration mode options : The target volume calibration and the flow rate calibration.

Dispensing and filling volume can be  set and calibrated either in ul or ml units.

Flow rate can be set and calibrated either in ul/min or ml/min.


Pumping time and delay time between cycles  can be set to the values from 0.1 seconds to 999.9 hours.

Filling number/number of copies can be set to the values between 1-9999.

Optional foot pedal to start and stop the filling/dispensing at an adjusted speed.

Dispensing type peristaltic pumps can support the automatic production filling line via connecting to industrial PLC or other controler systems. The pump can receive stop filling signal when bottle absent and triggered with another signal to start filling to a set volume with a desired flow rate at serial automatic filling lines. The peristaltic pump integrated filling system is suitable for many applications such as pharmaceutical, health product filling, diagnostic reagent dispensing, food and beverage filling, and cosmetic filling.

The internal state memory keeps the last operation settings and the last calibration data.


Full speed function can be used for rapidly washing/filling the tube by pressing one button.

Programmable anti-drop function prevents dripping after a dose.


Thanks to reliable mechanical and electronic design and intelligent cooling fan control, dispensing type peristaltic pumps offer long-term safe use.


The DC power input of the pump offers an advantage to be used with batteries and solar energy systems for various purposes in the field like wastewater analysis and / or sampling systems.

Three models with maximum motor rotation speed limits of 100 rpm, 300 rpm, and 600 rpm. The model can be chosen according to the flow rates needed for the application.

Peristaltik Pompa


0.4 ul/min– 380 ml/min

Peristaltik Pompa


0.4 ul/min– 1140 ml/min

Peristaltik Pompa


0.4 ul/min– 2280 ml/min


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