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Peristaltic Pump

Suitable for applications requiring precise flow velocity at low pumping speeds.

Flow rate can be set and calibrated to the values between 0.4 ul/min - 380 ml/min and in units of ul/min or ml/min. 


7 different sizes of tubing options are registered as standard in the database of the PSA-100 peristaltic pump. The tubing size can be selected from the device menu and automatically calibrated.

The pump automatically adjusts motor rotating speed with a precision of 0.01 rpm according to the last calibration settings within the memory.


Pumping time can be set to the values from 0.1 seconds to 999.9 hours.


Easy to use due to its 128x64 graphic LCD screen and membrane switch.

The internal state memory keeps the last operation settings and the last calibration data.

Full speed function can be used for rapidly washing/filling the tube by pressing one button.

Thanks to reliable mechanical and electronic design and intelligent cooling fan control, PSA pumps have long-term safe use.

Technical Datas

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