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BİMETRON has been producing innovative bioreactor systems for 3D cell and tissue culture since 2012. Since our products are designed with a modular approach, they can be modified according to our customer's needs. For more detailed informaton, please contact us.

Perfusion Systems


Our innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective perfusion systems are also highly advantageous in terms of cell productivity for tissue engineering and 3D cell culture studies. Please do not hesistate to contact BIMETRON's expert team to address your questions.

Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation Systems

Biyoreaktör_Mekanik Uyarılı Sistemler

Physical stimuli are of great importance in the development of tissues such as articular cartilage, muscle and tendons that are subjected to intense and complex mechanical stimulation in their natural in-vivo conditions. BİMETRON's R&D team has been developing dynamic tissue culture systems that provide mechanical and electrical stimulations to tissue constructs. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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